Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favs 28

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Happy Friday!! One of my very favorite things about Fridays is the fact that we get to wear jeans to work if we give a donation to whatever good cause we are raising money for that week.  I absolutely LOVE to be able to wear jeans to work, and doing so in conjunction with donating to a good cause feels awesome.

So last night, I was browsing some of my favorite style blogs for some outfit inspiration (please tell me I'm not the only one who does that), and it occurred to me that while I shared my favorite home decor blogs with you a few months ago, I haven't yet shared the other blogs that I adore!

Fav #1
Marionberry Style.  I just love seeing the outfits that Marion puts together.  She has a great sense of style and is basically Cindy Crawford's doppelganger.  Plus she's a school psychologist, so I can relate to a lot of her stories, AND she makes me laugh out loud. On the regular.  Check her out here.

Fav #2
Suri's Burn Book.  If this is not part of your reading list, you're totally missing out!  "Suri" provides hilarious commentary on the comings and goings of all of the other celebrity kids.  Whether she's hating on the Jolie-Pitt clan, crushing on Cruz Beckham, or worrying that Blue Ivy will one day challenge her self-proclaimed role as 'most fab kid in Hollywood', she's hilarious.

Fav #3
Mix and Match Mama.  I discovered Shay's blog back when her brother, Sean Lowe, was The Bachelor and have been following her ever since!  I actually kind of feel like we're friends....she just doesn't know it. Not creepy at all. Shay actually write two blogs, one about her adorable family and another where she shares simple, delicious recipes.  If you're a Bachelor fan, you've got to check out her behind-the-scenes look into The Bachelor wedding!

Fav #4
Pinterest Told Me To.  Sheaffer (who is actually one of Shay's friends.  Not her "friend", like I am.....they actually hang out.  So jealous.) writes a great fashion blog, where she takes outfit inspirations from Pinterest and recreates them using items from her closet.  She's always up-to-date on the best sales, and gives fantastic tips on 'must have' wardrobe items, along with links to buy them for yourself.  Plus, she's HILARIOUS.  Her brutally honest Bachelor recaps alone are reason enough to follow along (read HER commentary on The Bachelor wedding here. Anyone who felt compelled to puke if they heard the term 'grown sexy' one more time is sure to enjoy it!)

Fav #5
The Dairi Burger.  If you grew up reading the Sweet Valley High series, are not easily offended, and are entertained by cynicism, then this is the blog for you!  Meg Go Run turned me on to this blog a few months ago, and I've been slowly but surely reading every post.  Basically, the blog is a breakdown of every single Sweet Valley High book ever written from the older, wiser and more sarcastic perspective a woman in her thirties.  A hilarious woman.  With a foul mouth, and apparently a lot of time on her hands!

What are your fav blogs?  I LOVE finding new ones....especially if they crack me up!

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  1. Oh my! That Suri's Burn Book site is hilarious! Thanks for sharing but there goes my planned productive Friday out the window! Oh well, there is always Monday! I like your blog. You are very talented!

    1. Thanks so much! 'Suri' cracks me up! I love when she rips on her 'parents'!