Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pom-Pom Wreath Tutorial

I've been eyeing up pom-pom wreaths on Pinterest for a while now, and Tuesday's snow day gave me the time I needed to make one of my own. Once Christmas is over, winter is a tough time for outdoor decorating, but this wreath seems perfect!  It reminds me of freshly fallen snow.

Best of all, like my burlap wreath, it's a perfect blank canvas for almost any embellishments that I want to add, making it incredibly versatile.  Imagine it with pink and red for Valentine's Day, aqua in the summer, or black and orange for Halloween!  

To create this pom-pom wreath, I used one large skein (1077 yards) of white yarn and an embroidery hoop.   Initially, I wanted to choose super fluffy yarn to create a thick, full wreath, but the fluffy yarn was going to run me about $20, while the yarn that I bought cost only $5.97, so I quickly adjusted my plan.  Combined with the 49 cents that I spent on the embroidery hoop, the cost of this wreath came in under $6.50.  

Basically, all that is needed to create this fun, fluffy wreath are dozens and dozens of yarn pom-poms.  Creating the pom-poms was pretty mindless, which allowed me to work while hanging out with my BFF, Netflix.  I'm pretty sure that binge-watching episodes of One Tree Hill while you work is a key to success, but I'm pretty sure that Dawson's Creek, 90210, or Gossip Girl would suffice.

Yes, I'm a grown woman who loves teen dramas.  Don't judge.

To make yarn pom-poms, start by placing one end of the yarn through the opening between your ring and middle fingers, and leaving a 4-5 inch end of yarn hanging out over by your thumb.  

Wrap the yarn around your fingers 75 times.

 And then use the end piece of yarn that you left hanging by your thumb to wrap around the center of the loops, using it to cinch the loops, and tie it tight. 

Then, use scissors to cut the loops, and you have a pom-pom.  Fluff it up and trim any uneven ends, if necessary (I didn't really have to do this).  

Once you have a bunch of pom-poms, tie them onto the embroidery hoop to create a wreath. There was no special technique here, I simply tied the pom-poms right onto the hoop.

Continue the entire way around the embroidery hoop.  Finish by fluffing the pom-poms and snipping off any long strings.  

Now time for the eye candy!

I finished my wreath off with a glittery monogram, of course!

Would you try a pom-pom wreath?  What guilty-pleasure show would you watch while you made one?

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