Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Christmas Tree & Decor

Merry Christmas!  Grab some eggnog, crank up the Michael Buble (is there any better holiday music?), get cozy and check out our holiday decorations!
I wasn't blogging last Christmas, so I don't really need to spill this secret, but my confession is that last year---I didn't decorate for the holidays AT ALL.  I didn't even put up a tree. I think I dug our stockings out of the attic...but I'm really not even sure I did that. 
Insert shamefaced emoji here.
What can I say?  I was a first-trimester, twin mommy-to-be.  I was barely conscious last December.  I seriously slept ALL THE TIME.
And with two babies hanging around this year, I definitely didn't go too crazy with the holiday decorating.  Basically, I added some holiday pillow covers and piled Christmas balls in various containers around the house. 
But at least I decorated. Check it out! 
We put our tree in front of the windows in the living room, as usual.  This is the last year that I expect to be able to have a color-coordinated, fancy tree for a while (kids will be on the move next year, and beyond that I'm sure we'll have kid-friendly and handmade ornaments for the next few years), so I really enjoyed the process this year!
Most of my holiday decorating took place in the living room. H&M knocked it out of the park with holiday pillow covers this year!  I caught a great sale, and added some holiday cheer to the living room and family room. I totally took the lazy route, and just shoved our existing throw pillows in those babies without even removing the other covers...I figured it would make un-decorating easier in January. 
Whatever.  You can't tell.
I told you about my love of decorating with Christmas balls a few years ago.  Piling them into containers is the easiest holiday method of holiday decorating I can think of...and looks great!
I broke out my holiday movie quote printables in the dining room, added some sparkly red placemats to the ubiquitous container of Christmas balls on the table and called the dining room done.
 The family room got some pillow covers and the small tree that holds all of our meaningful, but mismatched ornaments.  We buy an ornament whenever we take a trip or reach a milestone...so this year's tree has a few exciting new additions :)
Despite some last minute attempts to get a mantle hung above our fireplace, we are once again mantle-less this Christmas, meaning that our stockings are hung by the TV with care...
...but I was so excited to find someone to knit Cruz and Blanca stockings that match ours that I didn't even care.  ElementalSuzanne did an amazing job knitting stockings from the same vintage pattern collection that Mr. M. and I already had. 
It's so exciting to be a four-stocking family!
And that's it!  Hope you liked our little holiday tour, and that your home is feeling merry and bright!