Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favs 51

Yay for Friday!

What a fab week this was....but now that it's almost over, I'm pretty excited to sleep in tomorrow. 
When am I not??

So here's some of the things that made this week so great!

Fav #1
This. Soup. I can't stop eating it. I'm kind of ashamed (but apparently not that ashamed since I'm putting it on the internet) to admit that I ate it for lunch 4 out of 5 days this week....and once for dinner.  The creamy tomato version is amazing too.  And since a local grocery store carries this stuff for $1.29, I'm clocking in at around 30 cents a meal, and I don't see an end in sight. Oh,and it's gluten free...which I don't really care about.  But you might!

Fav #2
I bought these boots this week, and I'm in love!  Not only are they cute, but the 2 1/2' wedge heel makes them totally walk-able!  I can run around in them all day at work without being in misery, which is by far the best thing about them.  I bought the gray, but have found them around the internet in other colors. I need brown?!

Fav #3
Now that our closet doors are finally re-installed, I'm on the hunt for the perfect hardware.  These brushed gold beauties from Kohler are exactly what I have in mind, but are not an option at 25 bucks each, especially since we need 8.  Let the search for a suitable replacement begin!  But I'd better hurry...I kind of want to wait until the closet is completely done to do a reveal, and I can't wait much longer! 
It. Is. Fab.

Have a great weekend!!

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