Wednesday, February 5, 2014

App Crack: Waterlogue

Hey guys!  Sorry for the late post today.  Since the snow/ice storm has given me yet another snow day at home, I didn't feel the need to push for my usual 7am post time.  

You're probably thinking 'App Crack?'....what is she talking about?  Basically, it describes any app that I find myself being addicted to, can't put down, am pretty much OBSESSED with.  

And it's a fun little play on words.  I'm funny like that.

All this time at home has given me plenty of time to read up on the new happenings in the Instagram-world and blog-land, and I'm super excited to share my favorite new trend with you! 

If you follow me on Instagram (do it, already!), you've already seen me hyping-up this little wonder, but for those of you who don't.....

I just discovered this new app called Waterlogue that allows you to easily turn any photo into an awesome watercolor work of art using your I-phone or I-pad (sorry Android users).  I don't often pay for apps, but this one is worth the $2.99 price tag! 

Best of all, this cool app allows you to play around with the watercolor features to help you achieve whatever look you're going for.  You can change up the intensity of color, brush strokes and other artsy things in which I'm not well-versed enough to talk about.  

Bottom line?  It. Is. Addicting. 

Here's a pic of the current state of affairs in our backyard...

and after a little Waterlogue magic...

Wouldn't it have been pretty if there was a cardinal or something bright sitting in there somewhere?

Oh well.

My favorite plant with it's twisty branches covered in snow before...

...and after.

And of course I had to play around with some of my favorite pics of the cats.  You've seen the Before pictures from my  PicMonkey Christmas Card post, but check out the Afters!!

Totally frame-worthy.  Which is completely possible, because the Waterlogue app saves your pictures as high resolution images, which makes turning your watercolored pics into a quality finished product incredibly easy.

I can't wait to find a way to display some of my watercolor images!

Have you tried Waterlogue yet?  What apps are you addicted to?

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  1. WOW I need this!!! I wonder if I need an ipad or iphone to do it... Will a plain old lap top do??? Time to visit the site and find out!