Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creating a Succulent-Moss Planter

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to bring some life into the house using plants, and this week I finally took some steps to make that happen!

Succulents are so great.  Their blue/green/purple hues are so fab and they survive my lackluster plant watering skills.  When I found this bag of moss with shades of purple and chartreuse at Marshall's a few weeks ago, I knew that it would pair beautifully with succulents.  

When thinking about creating a succulent-moss planter, I knew that I wanted to use the cool clam-shell shaped bowl that I scored on clearance at Homegoods over the winter.  I've been dying to use this bowl, but haven't found the right filler until now.  I'm so excited to put it to use!

The only other supplies that I needed were succulents, potting soil and a small bag of black river rocks.

I have very few local shopping options, so I just picked up three succulents at Walmart on my way home from work.  The selection was really poor, but I was able to find three different plants that I thought would work.  I varieties I chose were Golden Sedum, Pachyveria 'Royal Flush', and Echeveria.  


When planting succulents, many sources tell you that you should create a potting mix designed to suit the dry-soil preference of the plants by mixing potting soil with sand in order to promote drainage.  

I'm sure they're right. However, I ignored their advice and used plain old pottting soil, which has worked well for the succulents in my office and did not require me to make a mess in the garage. 

I'll keep you posted on how that works out.  

To create the planter, I simple filled the pot halfway with potting soil, plopped in my succulents, and loosely added more soil on top to give the plants the support they needed to remain upright.  I added a layer of river rocks to conceal the soil, and tucked some pieces of my favorite colors of moss in around the plants and under some of the rocks.  

It was really simple.  The entire process took about ten minutes, and made very little mess.  In fact, the hardest part of the whole project was deciding where to put my little planter once I was done!

It looked good EVERYWHERE.

Here is complimenting the purple accent wall in the living room..

....and accessorizing my favorite little console table in the entryway...

....but I think it has found its home (for now) sitting atop my new black faceted tray on the dining room table.

I'll give you one guess where I found that stunning Nate Berkus tray.....and I'll even give you a hint.  It wasn't Target and I didn't pay the original $30 price for it.  Read my tips for finding such fab finds here.

Has spring fever hit you yet?!  I'm finding myself dreaming up all sorts of spring-like project ideas!

Too bad it's supposed to snow next week :(

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  1. Super cute! I just picked up some of the same succulents and have been hunting my house for a cute bowl. Coming over from the linkup at Liz Marie.

    1. ThAnks Ashley!! I visited your blog today, and am excited to continue to follow along!!