Sunday, February 2, 2014

To Cornice or Not to Cornice?

If you've followed the evolution of our living room or checked out my house tour, then you're familiar with the great expanse of naked windows in our living room.

I've been contemplating some coming up with some sort of window treatment for these windows for a while, but have been putting it off.  Mainly because I'm not sure what I wanted to do with them...and because I had a feeling that whatever I came up with was going to cost a fortune.

Indecisive and cheap.  Pretty much sums me up :)

But all of that changed (OK, well maybe not the cheap part) when I stumbled upon this Nate Berkus king-sized duvet cover at Goodwill the other day. 

 Brand new, in box! I'm not a fan of duvets, so I knew that I wouldn't use it on my bed....but I really liked the fabric, so I decided to buy it.  It was marked $22.99, but I was able to save 50% with my Goodwill savings card, so I took it home for just $11.50.

Initially I was thinking that I might use it to make curtain panels or pillow covers, but after some thought I remembered the long, yellow valance that hung in our living room when we moved in.

This relic from another era came down a long time ago, and even though it wasn't my style, I did  like how it dressed the window while letting in tons of light.  

So...I started thinking cornices.  And like I do when trying to convince myself that what I want to do is the right decision, I went in search of inspiration that would prove to me that it was a great idea.

Point proven. But would a cornice work on a really long window?  Once again,  back to Pinterest to find images that would validate my opinion help me decide.

Having found validation once again, my final question was whether or not the black/white ikat chevron fabric would be a good fit for the living room.  

The duvet set came with two king-sized pillow covers, so I started out by thumb tacking them to the windows to help me get an idea.....

...and then I went all out by using PicMonkey to super-impose a similar print onto the windows.  

Which made me feel like a creative genius. 

Obviously, the proportions aren't quite right, and the actual fabric has a lot more black in it....but I think it's a pretty good representation of what a cornice would look like. 

And....I think I might like it!

What do you think?  Is it too much pattern?

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  1. lol I love that you used pic monkey to see if it would look right!!! I was holding my breath through the whole post, hoping to see the finished product! DO IT! ps. I didn't even know what a cornice was, but thank you because apparently we have them in our kitchen and bfast nook, except they are made out of painted wood.

  2. Do it!!!! ~Shannon Wallace-Bordner

  3. I think it would look good. I would do it.