Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favs 31

What up?  Let's keep this short and sweet.  On to my favorite parts of the week!

Fav #1
Amy from Commona My House shared a free Starbuck's Recipe E-book that I am dying over!  If you're a coffee lover like me, this is like the holy grail.  The Coconut Mocha Cappuccino is calling my name.  While you're there, check out the rest of Amy's blog--she's amazing!

Fav #2
House of Cards is back!  You all know about my love of Netflix, and smart series like HOC is where that love comes from.  Mr. M. and I plowed through season 1 during a long weekend stuck in a hotel next door to our fertility clinic last February, and we've been watching devouring season 2, which was released on Valentine's Day.  You bet your bottom dollar that's how we spent our Valentine's evening (along with crab legs...YUM).  Romantic, I know.

House of Cards' politically driven plot is dramatic and suspenseful, but my favorite part is watching Kevin Spacey deliver Frank Underwood's many, many asides like no nobody's business.

Fav #3
Humorous Bachelor recap blog posts. I've been reading Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To's recaps for the past year or so, but my newest discovery is, I'm Not Here to Make Friends.  A friend shared this blog on Facebook this week and it is hilarious.  Imagine hearing a man's snarky commentary on each weekly episode of The Bachelor....

 Oh wait, I already that get from Mr. M. who "doesn't watch it", while he sits on his laptop and annoys entertains me with sarcastic comments about the show each Monday night....

Fav #4
The fact that all of the cats' vet check-up visits are O.V.E.R. for the year.  I took Tony, our garage cat last week (We adopted him when he was 8 or so, and there's no making him an indoor cat now...He does have access to our heated garage), and that trip was fairly easy.

Last night's trip with both Guma and Bron?  Not so much.  Mr. M. was still at work, so I had to handle it by myself.  Not sure I'll ever take them both at the same time again.

The highlights include:

-A house destroyed during the struggle that ensued while trying to get them in their carriers.  Chairs were overturned, blood was shed (mine, not theirs).

- Relentless yowling on the 15 minute drive to the vet's office.

- Realizing during the drive to the office that a nervous kitty dropped both a #1 AND a #2 in the cat carrier on the drive to the office.

-Giving a terrified cat a bath (see above).

-Wet cat on the bed before I could stop him. (see above).

Not our best day.

Are you a Bachelor fan?  I'm sort of ashamed to admit that I love it.  So much drama.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Awww Em I know the feeling of the whole vet debacle!!!! Remember this:

    1. Hahaha. I forgot about that. You win. Yours was WAY worse!!