Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shopping Recap: September 2013 (and a guest post!)

Hey guys!

First and foremost, I'm guest posting about our spare bedroom and another aspect of my life over at Where the Bleep* is Our Stork today!  Teresa, the girl behind the blog, writes her story with an authenticity and realism that I really admire. So when she put out a call for guest bloggers, I offered to share a teeny bit of my story on her blog.  If you are interested, please click on over there to check it out!

Now...onto the shopping!  My mom and I hit some stores this weekend, and as usual I found some fun stuff.  I went out primarily on the hunt for fall decor, but instead I came home with a random assortment of stuff and practically no fall decor.  Oh well!

First up we stopped at JC Penny for some non-decor-related purchases, but I DID find these cool chrome pumpkins that I'd love to use on our hearth in the dining room.

However, that dream ended once I realized they were $60.  No worries, I have a DIY solution in mind.  I did find some cheaper silver pumpkins later on in the day, but once I had my little project conceptualized, there was no shaking me from it. So hopefully that will come together into a tutorial in the near future :)

Then it was onto Christmas Tree Shops.  I have a love/hate relationship with that place. There are times that I find some interesting stuff, but just as often I end up feeling like it is a waste of time.  Luckily, this was one of those LOVE days!  First up, this adorable owl K-cup holder...

Now normally, I am a huge protector of the kitchen counter space. Less is more, people. In fact, we don't even keep our K-cups on the counter, we choose to store them in a nice little rack with pull-out shelves inside one of our cabinets.  But I couldn't resist this little cutie. In fact, he's the only 'fall' thing I bought all day.  Are owls fall?!  They seem to be, but I'm not really sure why.  Anyway, you'll find this guy living on our counter until it is time to decorate for Christmas.

I also found some great deals on summer decor that I plan to store away until next year.

Both need some tweaking (not twerking) in the form of spray paint for the coral and possibly some liquid gold leaf for the sand dollars.  I'll find time to do that sometime before next summer.  Let's not kid ourselves, I'll probably do it next weekend and then be dying to put them out in the middle of October.

I was super excited to go to Target, because I was sort of hoping that they would have Nate Berkus' new collection in stores a day early (it was due out Sunday, but I really like to stay at home on Sundays, if possible).  I struck out on getting an early peek at Nate's new items, but they did have some good deals on some of his older stuff. However, the most exciting thing I found there were these tall planters:

Originally $34.99, they were marked down to $10.48.  Awesome.  And they had three of them, so I picked up the stack, ready to pull out the two that I wanted to buy to flank our front door, or our fireplace, or our garage door, or somewhere else I hadn't thought of yet. Bottom line, I wanted two. However.....the stack of three planters was completely stuck together!  None of us (not I, nor my mom, nor the team of Target workers who came to assist) could get those things apart.  So, I suggested that they give all three of them to me for the price of one.

And they did!  Three super-nice planter for under 11 bucks.  Now if I can just get them separated....don't worry, I have my husband on the case.  He has big plans for some WD-40.

Then, it was off to Burlington Coat Factory, where I found some fab jewelry....

...that I didn't buy.  I mean, I have to draw the line somewhere,right? It's the responsible thing to do, and I feel good about it. Oh, who am I kidding?! I still wish I had bough both of those necklaces.

Have you ever checked out the jewelry section at Burlington Coat Factory?!  It's amazing!  The jewelry isn't quality (obviously) but it's on-trend and cheap!  I think both necklaces were $7...you should totally go and update your jewelry wardrobe. And when you're sick of what you bought next year, you don't have to feel bad because you'll only have spent 7 bucks on it.

Finally, and as usual, the best finds of the day came from Marshalls.  Don't laugh at what I'm about to say, but I spotted a shoe box labeled Dr. Scholl's and squealed with excitement, especially when I saw that they looked like this:

Most comfortable shoes ever. And I walk around a lot at work (can you hear me justifying getting excited about Dr. Scholl's shoes?), so of course I bought them. Bringing my current total of the exact same pair of shoes to three. Making it almost possible to wear them to work every. single. day.  

But the best thing I bought all day (hell, maybe all year), was Giselle...

...my chromed-out faux taxidermy gazelle.  I love her.  I can't wait to find her a home on the gallery wall.  Mr. M. had a 'No Faux Taxidermy' policy, but I think even he likes her.  Or at least, he agreed to help me hang her up.  Which is basically the same thing.

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  1. Thanks for sharing on my blog! I am so happy that you decided to open up a bit!

  2. Best blog post ever! It makes me want to go shopping!!