Monday, September 16, 2013

88 Cent Furniture Fix

Obviously, a lot of un-glamorous work goes into keeping a home looking gorgeous.  Mopping the floor, scrubbing the bathroom, dusting = not-quite-blogworthy activities.  But this weekend, I got sucked into one of those un-glamorous jobs that made such a huge difference in our living room...

As I mentioned in my post about how our living room has evolved, I mentioned that much of our furniture in there was handed down to us.  And while it is in overall great shape, the coffee table has quite a few white nicks on the brown wood-like section of the table.  And while the chips were small, the sheer number of them added up to a bit of a shabby appearance.

So this weekend I picked up a brown fine-point Sharpie for a whopping total of 88 cents, and used it to camouflage the glaring white areas exposed by the chips. I found that dotting the marker onto the white spots covered better than rubbing back and forth, and a few coats were needed to get the necessary coverage. 

While the camouflage is not invisible up close.....'s certainly less noticeable than the chips were.  Let's do a before and after, shall we? Looks so much better!

What cheap and easy fixes have you used at your house?!

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  1. I use these too! For floors and furniture. No great tips yet, but I bet you'll eventually come up with more! Thanks for visiting my blog Emily!