Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crossing Over to the Dark Side....

I've long been a hater on the chalkboard trend.  I don't like the way chalk feels on my hands.  I don't like the mess of chalk dust.  I'm not an artist (like, AT ALL), so I question what I would even put on a chalkboard that would actually look good.

But....I've seen so many cute chalkboard projects that I was sort of revising my opinion. I began to think I might like to have a chalkboard on the side of my refrigerator.  Somewhere to list menus and add seasonal messages.  And then I read Susie Harris' blog post showing how to create easy, DIY chalkboard art that I think I could actually do.  And then I spotted this for $6 at Goodwill:
 And then the deal was pretty much done.  The frame is almost exactly the width of the side of our fridge, and it is also super-light, making me think that heavy duty magnets attached to the back of the frame would hold it to the fridge.

So I'm officially eating my words.  Admitting defeat. Selling out. Crossing over to the dark side.  Project Chalkboard is on, and here's some inspiration....

Six Sisters Stuff created this fun menu chalkboard.  Perhaps posting a weekly menu would inspire me to consistently plan our meals ahead?  I do that sometimes, and I love it, but struggle with consistency.

This red-framed chalkboard from IntrepidIllusions shop on Etsy is awesome, and might be a nice pop of color in our kitchen.  That's the direction I'm leaning, anyway....

I also love the idea of having cute, seasonal art that can be changed throughout the year, like this inspiration from Lori at Living Out Loud......

or Beth at Home Stories A to Z.  Wow, I really love this one.

So yup, I'm definitely giving in the the trend.  Can't wait to show you how it goes!

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