Monday, September 2, 2013

Furniture Shopping Photo Dump

I LOVE furniture shopping.  Even when I'm not in the market to buy, I adore wandering around the store and dreaming.  Need proof?  I was sorting through pictures from all of my old cell phones and found a bunch of pics that I snapped over the years. Apparently I like to take pics of furniture in the same way that some people phototgraph their meals. The vast majority of it never made it home....

I had visions of this white couch and chair in our living room.  I thought the white couch would look great against the eggplant focal wall!

I also considered these pieces for the living room. I still love that gray, tweedy fabric.

Here's another gorgeous gray tweed.  They had a chair in that fabulous fabric on the pillows.  Mr. M. thought it was too girly and I didn't want the couch without that chair.  So at the store it stayed...

 I briefly considered taupe...

Mostly because I fell in love with this chair....another Mr. M. pattern veto.  He's a tough one to please!

And I don't even remember where I wanted to put this one.  I think I just liked the velvet, the tufting and the color.

This chair is from the same set as the couch and love seat in our family room (the color is different).  We briefly considered it when seeking out a chair/ottoman in there.  I'm SO glad we didn't buy it.  The one we bought is SO much better!  

What do YOU take tons of random pictures of?  Furniture is definitely near the top of my list of things I'm shutter-happy for....right below below my cats, of course!

Don't judge me :)  Happy Labor Day!!

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  1. Awww! More cat pics, please! Yeah I take pics of cats, not furniture. But cats and furniture are related in that my CATS scratch my FURNITURE!