Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen Dreamin'

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....on such a winter's day.

I've been fixated on dreaming up plans for updating our kitchen lately, and I don't know why.  This project definitely falls into the 'undetermined future' category, with no real plans on acting upon it anytime soon.  

Still, after more than four years in the house, I think I finally have a plan of where I'd like to go with our kitchen, once the day to make changes comes.  

Will all of these ideas actually come to pass? Who knows? With my track record, I'll probably change my mind a couple times between now and then.  Still, it's fun to dream...

To start, a few shots of our current kitchen:

And now, on to the dreams:

I guess that I should start out by saying that, when all is said and done, I'd like to repaint the kitchen gray.

Unusual Gray
Sherwin Williams' Unusual Gray gets a lot of hype, which in my opinion, is well -deserved.  It's a gorgeous shade of mid-tone gray, and might be a good option.

Another potential option is Sherwin Williams' Anonymous, a slightly darker gray that I believe would pair well with the wood tones in our kitchen.  Need proof?  Check out Dusty's beautiful kitchen below.

Mr. M. is adamant that our kitchen cabinets will stay the same color of stained wood that they are now.  He makes some good arguments: the cabinets are in good shape, sanding them all would be a nightmare, and the lack of molding or architectural detail on the cabinets may read a bit flat if they were painted. But, I have dreams that he'll compromise and let me paint the island a soft, complimentary color.  I love the contrast that a painted island offers, and would love to paint it a shade of gray a few shades lighter than the walls. And since change begets change, I would also plan to repaint our dining room the same, lighter colored gray as the island.  The current gray in there just isn't quite what I had in mind. 

And since we are talking dream here, I'll go ahead and order that white marble counter top in the above picture as well.  You can just go ahead and put that on all of my counter-tops.  Thanks.

But I'd like mine topped off with gorgeous pale gray subway tile...

via Houzz

....and laid in a herringbone pattern, please....

via Houzz

Assuming the staining of our concrete porch goes well, I'd love to have simple stained concrete floors in the kitchen. Actually anything other than the carpet we have in there now will do.

And for the biggest dream of them all, I'd love to knock out the entire upper half of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, opening the space up considerably.  This would result in losing some of our upper cabinets, but would be much more open-concept and would allow the other side of the space to function as a breakfast bar area. Obviously, we would need to swap out our oven/stove-top to something that could be integrated into such a set-up.

I have no idea what something like that would cost, or even if it is structurally possible. 

But a girl can dream.

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