Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favs 14

Happy Friday!  I'm SO excited for the weekend!  For this week's Friday Favs, I thought I'd give you a rundown of five of my very favorite home decor blogs......if I can manage to narrow it down to just five.

A tough task, but eventually I did manage to do it.  After about an hour of deliberating.

What do I look for in a blogger, you ask?  Basically someone with cool style, whose writing makes me feel like we could be friends.  Seriously, I wish some of these girls (and guy) lived near me.  I'd totally invite them over for coffee. Or wine :)  And hope for a return invite for a close up look at their fabulous homes!

Keep in mind that my favorites tend to rotate, but here are the ones that I find myself looking forward to reading lately!

Fav #1
Young House Love.  For me, YHL is the blog that started it all and will make my Top Five any day.  John and Sherry have fab style and break down all the details of how they give their house some major love.  They're currently working on their third house (and their second kid!), and following along with their detail-oriented, photo-loaded, pop-culture-referencing posts is the bright spot of many weekday afternoons.  They're both sweet and hilarious, and you should definitely check them out!

Young House Love

Young House Love

Fav #2
Rain on a Tin Roof. I'll start with the fact that Jenna has made witty references to both Sex and the City AND Full House in the last month, and I'll end with this gorgeous collage of her kitchen.  Those green and navy stools are just perfect, and there is so much more to read and love.  Be sure to check her out!

Rain on a Tin Roof

Fav #3
Bliss at Home.  Kristin has a project gallery like none other.  One could easily spend a few hours browsing her gorgeous DIY decor projects, and her house tour is filled with interesting, beautiful images and lovely, lovely inspiration.  And antlers.  Lots of antlers....and I love them!
Bliss At Home

Bliss at Home

Fav #4
Hi Sugarplum!  You have to check out Cassie's blog.  She mixes the most unexpected items (like the awesome elephant planter below!!) to create unique and interesting spaces.  Plus she's hilarious, real, and down-to-earth.  I think you'll love her blog, so be sure to stop over and give her some love!

Hi Sugarplum!

Hi Sugarplum!

Fav #5 
House by Hoff. April's style is amazing. I love how she uses color and pattern to create an interesting, layered home.  Check out these cool pallet-mounted plates she has hung over her striped curtains!  I love them and and the rest of her house tour.  Stop by and visit her blog this weekend, I think you'll love it too!

House by Hoff

So now you have enough reading material to last you all weekend!!  Enjoy :)

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  1. Hi Emily! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I see a couple of blogs here that I have not really read much so I will have to check them out! And I too love YHL! It's the first home blog I ever read and I've been hooked ever since! Have a great weekend! I'm your newest follower!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad to give you new blogs to check out! I get so excited when I find a new one to love!