Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Favs 13

Confession:  I bought a Christmas decoration this week.

 I know, I know, it's not even Halloween yet!  But I'm trying to up my game with Christmas decorating this year and that takes some pre-planning.  So now that I'm officially thinking about Christmas, I thought I'd dedicate this Friday Favs to some DIY Christmas inspiration that I've found on Pinterest.  I'd love to incorporate all of these ideas into our decor this year.

And to keep the DIY inspiration coming, I created a group Pinterest board for any of you bloggers/DIY'ers out there who'd like to contribute. Here's the link with instructions on how to join.  Just follow me on Pinterest and send me an email if you'd like an invitation.  I'm hoping we can all inspire each other with our fab DIY crafts and home decor projects!

*All images via Pinterest*

Fav #1

Fav #2

Fav #3

Fav #4

Fav #5

Have you started thinking about holiday decorating yet:? It seems so early to me!
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  1. Love the wine bottle display.
    I think I might attempt that one

    Linda B

  2. It's never too early to buy Christmas decorations!! I actually do have a project I would like to share but I am not on pinterest.... I have a bunch of old hymn books, so what I did was rip out one of my favorite Christmas carols out of the book so I have the sheet of music to it. Then I frame it with just a cheap frame. The music doesn't take up the whole frame, so I put a piece of scrapbook paper with a cool design on it behind the music and then just make sure the music is in the center. I did this for Hark the Herald Angels sing and The First Noel.

    1. What a cool idea! I bet that looks great. You should try Pinterest! I think you'd like it.

  3. Emily, I think about it all year round! I am a self-confessed Christmas Addict and you can check it out no my blog! LOL! So, NO, I don't think your crazy to buy now, and I love the DIY projects your thinking of doing! Good luck in choosing, pinterest has a ton of ideas!

    1. Thanks Vel! It's good up know I'm not the only one who is thinking 2 holidays ahead!