Monday, October 28, 2013

Mantle-less = Mantle-lust

I've mentioned this before, but as the Christmas season approaches, I find my longing for a mantle above our fireplace growing by the minute.  I'm dreaming up holiday mantle-scapes, online window-shopping for accessories, and stalking fellow-bloggers' mantles almost daily.  It's bordering on full-blown obsession at this point.

Here's a look at our fireplace as it stands now.  In addition to a mantle, I have some dreams for the hearth area and fireplace insert.  But one project at a time...

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my mantle-lust. I envision an unfinished barn beam floating on the stone, glamm-ed up with a contemporary mirror and some shiny accents. For some reason, I think mixing the materials would be cool.  I even have a lead on a potential source for a beam.

So in honor of this recent obsession, here's some of my Pinspiration.  No one seems to share my desire to glam up their rustic mantles with fabulous accents, but that's OK. I'm willing to be the visionary on this one...

I love how the barn beam seems to float in the middle of the wall.

This beam has the rustic feel that I want. I'd like our beam to look sort of unfinished.

Another nice, rustic beam.

And I REALLY love this one. I know that it's not a barn beam...but there's something about it. It sort of makes me question whether maybe perhaps I should go for something more finished, like this.

I'm so indecisive!!  Which option do you like?  You can check out the rest of our dining room here, for reference. photo signature_zps64b784cd.jpg


  1. No Em, go for your rustic barn beam and the glitz. I totally get it, I totally can see it, and you can totally make it look good! TOTALLY.

  2. I love the 3rd one with the corbels! I share your mantle lust as well!! We have a bare stone fireplace. Where do you buy rustic reclaimed wood?