Monday, October 7, 2013

Get My Autumn On

I'll admit, I'm slow to jump on the fall decorating bandwagon.  I've been dying to buy mums for weeks now, but I really want mine to last through as much of November as possible, so I've been holding off.  And Halloween decorating should be contained to October, in my humble opinion.  So when the calendar clicked over to October this week, I gave myself permission to buy mums and bust out my lone Halloween decoration.  Then, I spent some time this weekend updating my porch for autumn/Halloween.  

This Halloween cat is the only piece of Halloween decor that I own.  It's not the typical kind of thing that I would buy, but for some reason I love this little kitty.  I find somewhere for him to perch for 31 days every year.  Come November 1st, he's out of here!  I paired him with a pumpkin and a burgundy mum to round out the far corner of our front porch.

Some form of outdoor pillows would make the furniture look more complete. Once September hits, our summer pillows just feel wrong.  I'd like a set of burlap pillows with Halloween typography on them.  Maybe once my sewing skills catch up to my needs, I'll make a set for myself!

The other half of the porch holds some more pumpkins and two more mums flanking the door.  Do you recognize the tall silver planters?  They are two of the three that were stuck together from my last shopping trip!  WD-40 is magic, I tell you.

And finally, I piled some mini-pumpkins into a wire basket with fall leaves to function as a centerpiece.  I have some plans to up the excitement factor on these pumpkins, but I haven't gotten around to that little project yet.  I'll be sure to show it to you when (well, IF) I do!

And that's it!  We keep our seasonal decor pretty simple around here.  But before I wrap it up for the day, aren't my dahlias gorgeous?!  Is it normal for them to still look so great in October?  I've never planted dahlias before this year, but if I can always expect them to hold up this well....I'll put them in every year!

How do you update your porch for fall?  Do you go crazy, or keep it simple like me?

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  1. Oh I love your porch! Looks like the perfect place to curl up with a warm beverage and have a good conversation with a friend.

  2. I did recognize those silver vases!!

  3. What an awesome job! You have fabulous taste, Emily!!

  4. I love the planters! I didn't realize how big they were from your previous post! What a deal :) and your porch looks great!