Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favs 12

Fav #1
Rustoleum Spray Paint Grip.  How is it possible that I didn't learn about this thing until just this week. Spray painting with no more finger cramping?!  I want it.  I need it.  For under $7, so do you.  Find it here.

Fav #2
The Walking Dead Season 4 starts on Sunday!! Mr. M. and I have been waiting for months  I can't believe how into The Walking Dead I am.  I'ts so not my kind of thing....but it's SO GOOD. 

Fav #3
Saute Express.  I made the most delicious recipe using Saute Express this week.  Italian Herb Rotini with Kielbasa and Butternut Squash was AWESOME!  And was a great way to bring seasonal produce into dinner.  I used turkey kielbasa and tri-color veggie pasta to lighten it up at bit, and it was delish!

Fav #4
This grey and rose gold watch.  I have a major love of rose gold, and this watch is perfection. It's not available right now, but it lives on in my fantasy wardrobe.  Hoping they bring it back!

Maybe I should re-name Friday Favs as 'my ongoing Christmas Birthday Anniversary anytime-I-can-convince-my-husband-to-buy-me-a-present list'?  Or not.  

Have a great weekend!!
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