Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shopping Recap: August 2013

We've had another set of gloomy days around here, so another shopping trip seemed like a fun way to spend a cool, cloudy August day.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, which is one of my favorite ways to shop, without any pressure to find and buy a certain item.  It's so much more fun to just be along for the ride and find what catches my eye.  I didn't want to buy much, so I didn't, but a LOT of things caught my eye!

First stop: Marshall's.  Oh how I love that place.  You just never know what you're going to find.  I feel like every time I go in there, I find something that I NEED.  Like if I don't buy it, my home, or wardrobe, or life just won't be complete.  This trip was no exception, but I had to exercise some control.  That doesn't mean these items aren't still haunting my dreams though!

Just look at this media cabinet, and that amazing chair next to it.  Do I need a media cabinet OR a chair?  No.  Do I even have a room in my house that would suit either of these pieces?  No.  But that doesn't mean I can't dream....

But I DO have a purpose for this fabulous counter-height chair!  Wouldn't eight of these look stunning around our black dining room table?!  They would so glam up the room.  But they didn't have eight, and even if they did, I wasn't going to buy them....they were more a dream world purchase.  Please tell me other people do that, too?
Finally, I found these fantastic nautical picture frames.  I love nautical style for its casual feel  and beachy vibe. If I had enough rooms I would most definitely find a way to incorporate some of these elements into our home.  Too many ideas, too few rooms.....the home décor junkie's dilemma.
Next stop was Costco.  We were hungry, so we went in for the samples and to buy some food, not really expecting to find much else.  BUT....check out the pillows we found.  A pair of pillows for $16.49?  I'm not sure you can beat that.  And look at all of the fun patterns and colors!  They were really nice, too....very plush and soft.

What is it with Costco having amazing throw pillows?!  I got many of my throw pillows in the living room there, too.  I guess I just never go in there expecting to find home décor, so it surprises me when I do.  But after two fab pillow finds, I may have to start considering Costco the next time I'm looking to update my throw pillows!

Then, we went to Francesca's, which is one of my favorite places to find clothing, shoes, and accessories.  My recent obsession with bracelets continued, and I found a bunch to love!
This would look great stacked with my Sequin bracelets.
The wrap watches were awesome, and came in amazing colors.  In addition to mint, they had two shades of brown leather.  I don't know how to choose a favorite!
And the final stop of the day was at Bath & Body Works, where I needed to stock up on hand soaps for the kitchen and bathrooms.  Although it was only August, it turned out that my favorite time of year has arrived at Bath & Body Works....
Fall scents have arrived!! I'm a lover of all things fall, so it was an exciting moment for me.  I wanted to buy everything, but I managed to narrow it down to four soaps.  Do you think I like pumpkin much??
I haven't put them out yet.  I was so excited to buy them, that now I'm sort of 'saving them' for when it really feels like fall.  Weird, I know. 
What are your favorite fall items? 

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