Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favs 3

Happy Friday!  Here's what I've been loving on this week!

Fav #1
Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake's Legends of Summer Tour.  We were lucky enough to have JT and Jay-Z come to town this past Sunday and OMG it was fabulous! The show was amazing, one of the best I've seen (and I've been to a LOT)! There are a few dates still left, if you have the opportunity to go-- DON'T MISS IT!  In fact, I  kinda want to go again.  Philly on Tuesday, anyone??

Fav #2
This Morroccan tile backslash.  I LOVE this backsplash, and think it may be a real contender once we are ready to replace the backsplash in our kitchen.  I especially appreciate how nice it looks with the honey colored cabinets.  We also have honey colored cabinetry in our kitchen, and while it is not what I would have chosen, I cannot justify replacing or even painting it because it's in such good shape.  I like to work with what we've got whenever we can, and this tile could just possibly make me fall in love with my cabinets.  Now if I can just find that tile somewhere....

Fav #3
Monopoly Deal.  Our friends Megan and Paul introduced us to this card game, and Mr. M. and I are hooked! It's a really fun spin on classic Monopoly, and best of all, a game only lasts about fifteen minutes!  I hear it is now out of print, so if you find a deck, grab them while you can!

Fav #4
Bold striped walls.  I had a goal to paint our spare bedroom with bold stripes this summer, but I have failed and not gotten to this project yet.  I still have a few more days before I return to work, so  there's still some hope.  For now, I'll just enjoy this gorgeous inspiration!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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