Thursday, May 22, 2014

Notorious F.I.G.

Who would have thought that a house plant could be trendy? 
 Certainly not I...

But there's no doubt that fiddle leaf figs are totally trending.  They're EVERYWHERE.

No wonder.  They're really cool-looking with their lush, sculptural leaves.  I wanted one so bad!

But for a small-town girl like me, finding this trendy ficus proved to be a challenge.  Mature plants go for several hundred dollars, which is wayyy out of my price range.  I heard rumors that big box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot carry immature plants at reasonable prices, but I checked several stores to no avail.

Ikea carries them for just $12.99, but they don't ship them and I live nowhere near this Swedish promised land.

I googled 'where to buy a fiddle leaf fig' about a million times before I thought to search for its scientific name. 


Apparently, these fab trees go by the name Ficus lyrata and Ficus pandurata and  Home Depot sells them online for less than $17 here.  I was so excited, I ordered one on Saturday, it arrived on Wednesday and here it is!!

Obviously it needs to be re-potted into something cool, and it has a ways to grow before it gets as tall as my inspiration plants, but I'm pretty excited about it!

I've named it the Notorious F.I. G.

Let's hope for a better outcome.

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  1. notorious f.i.g-hilarious! good luck, i heard they are i'll stick with snake plants!