Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Favs 41

Hey hey!  Fridays Favs is back!

Many of you are probably familiar with my fav TV shows, since I mention them all the time. But have I ever mentioned how much I love their sets?!  I've been attuned to cool movie and TV sets ever since I laid eyes on Monica and Rachel's cool apartment on Friends.  But I kind of think I must have been unconsciously paying attention to set design and decor even before that.....I always sort of loved the Brady Bunch house when I would watch re-runs as a kid.  Not the 70's wallpaper or boatload of wood paneling, mind you...but the open staircase, stone walls, and Mike Brady's sweet sunken office.  I loved that place.

So here's a look at set envy 2.0.....

Fav #1
Derek and Meredith's Dream House on Grey's Anatomy.  The punchy pillows, those huge windows (and the amazing views they superimpose on the green screen behind them), the warm woods.  Swoon.  Love it all!!  I just wish they would show more of Casa de McDreamy...

And speaking of Grey's...what's up with all of 80's cover songs dominating the last several episodes?  I can't decide if I love them or hate them.  I think I like them...but I find myself missing out on what's going on because I'm distracted by the music.  Any thoughts?

Fav #2
Olivia Pope's Scandal apartment.  I love the muted tones with pops of soft blue, the arches and coffered ceilings...but most of all I love her front door!  That molding distracts me every time they show it :)

Fav #3
The Humphrey Loft on Gossip Girl.  Actually all of the sets on GG were pretty amazing, but the Humphrey Loft was by far my favorite.  I love the white-washed brick, the bookcase full of records and the boho vibe.  It made me wish my dad was a rock star so that I could live somewhere this cool...

What are your fav TV sets?!  Don't even get me started on my favorite movie houses....I'll have to save that for a whole separate post. 

Do other people even pay attention to these things?  Or am I just a weirdo?

Have a fab weekend!!

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  1. ha! i think people pay attention to these things. mostly i pay attention to the house that looks like the house in other shows. like, this tv show is set here, but this is obviously the same set/house they used back on this show. do other people pay attention to THAT or am i just weird. i mean, i'm weird, anyway...

    1. I don't know?! I'm totally oblivious to layouts or sets that seem to be re-used....but now I'm going to start paying attention!