Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shopping Recap: November 2013

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Hey guys!  It's been a while since I've had a good shopping trip to recap with you...but I more than made up for it this weekend.  While I was primarily on the hunt for Christmas presents (which I obviously can't share with you), we DID take a side trip to Homegoods....

I had never been to this particular Homegoods before, and it was AWESOME!  I'm talking first-sip-of-wine-after-a-long-work-week, first-day-of-summer-vacation, stumbling-onto-a-Dawson's-Creek-marathon level of awesomeness (winos, teachers, and teenagers of the 90's, you know what I'm talking about)!  The store was huge! And spacious.  And stocked for Christmas.  So basically, it was the best Homegoods trip ever.

Here's what I saw as I walked in the door...

Um, hello there fabulous!  It was a this moment that I knew it was going to be a good trip.  Here are some of my other favorites in the store that day.  Keep in mind that I was Christmas, for I couldn't buy everything in sight for myself, although I totally wanted to.

How about this fab accent table?!  How this thing could last in the store long enough to end up on clearance is beyond me.  I just love the natural wood. 

I kind of regret not buying this guy.  He was $20, and would have looked so good with my Christmas decor.  But both of the reindeer they had in stock had some flaws on them, and I just couldn't get past that.  So I left them for some other lucky soul to find.

It almost killed me to leave without this rug.  I thought it was so fun, and wanted it for underneath our dining room table so much that I could practically hear the crows cawing as I served up Sunday dinner.  But it was rectangular, and I really think our square table calls for a square rug.  Anyone know where to find cool 8x8 foot rugs?!  They have been elusive....

 I also fell in love with these gorgeous dishes.  We entertain a fair bit over the holiday season, and I love to serve my snacks on fun appetizer plates.  These would have been good additions to my collection.  But alas, the pursuit of selflessness during the holidays won out and I left them in the store.....

So what DID I buy?  Well...

This fantastic clam shell-ish bowl, which I can't wait to incorporate into a vignette somewhere in our dining room or living room...

And this fun crocodile-skin box.  I haven't had much time to figure out where it belongs just yet, but it's looking fab with my painted antlers in the living room for now.  

I also picked up some glittery vase filler, which I have big holiday plans for .  Stay tuned to see what happens with that! And that was it for Homegoods!  I really think I used a lot of restraint, don't you think?!  

I'm proud.

Then it was off to Lowe's, where I was in search of the reindeer wreath hanger that I saw on Carmel's blog a few days back.  I love that girl.  Look how fun it is!  I suggest that you book it to Lowe's to pick up one of your own before the rest of the world discovers this fab find.

And then I kind of lost my mind for a moment and decided to buy an orchid.  I'm not exactly sure why I thought my less-than-green thumb could handle this task, but I've been wanting an orchid from some time and decided to try it out.  

So apparently, I can eventually expect this little guy to look like this:

Yeah. Wish me luck with that ;)

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  1. I love your shopping updates!!!! I feel like I went shopping after I read your blog. Where is Homegoods though??? And is it like upscale or are there deals?

  2. Homegoods is awesome. It's like the home section of Marshall's or TJ Maxx, but a whole store of that it's deals! The closest stores in in Lancaster and York....we should go together!

  3. Em I would LOVE that. Maybe over Christmas break???