Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Favs 18

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... Ah, Friday!  I can feel the exhaustion in the air.

Here are some awesome things to keep you going until it's time to sleep in on Saturday morning.

Fav #1
Rachael Ray Tools and Gadgets 3-Tier Wooden Stacking Salt Box.  I've been wanting a salt box for a while.  It would be so convenient to have my coarse salt so easily accessible, and I like how this one also has room for ground pepper and other seasonings.

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Fav #2
Nachtmann Slice 10-Inch Vase I love this gorgeous, modern crystal vase. Wouldn't this be gorgeous with cut tulips or other fresh flowers?  I love a simple, crystal vase, and this one is just about perfect.

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Fav #3
Little Baby's Ice Cream.  Mr. M. and I attended a friend's wedding reception in Philadelphia recently, and had the good fortune to try Little Baby's ice cream, which was being served for dessert.  YUM.  I missed a good 15 minutes of the reception because I was too busy swooning over my ice cream to do much else.  The flavor selection was interesting and unique, with unexpected flavor profiles.  I couldn't narrow my options down to just one, so naturally I tried two. I pretended one was for my husband, but let's get real--it was all me. Sweet Potato Burnt Marshmallow was excellent, but it was the Earl Grey Sriracha that blew me away.  Something about sweet ice cream with a little heat in the finish was just amazing.  Check them out here, and if you are ever in Philly--make sure you try some for yourself!

Fav #4
These jeweled place card holders from Pottery Barn.  Aren't they gorgeous?  They would make any holiday table sparkle!  I have some ideas about DIY'ing a set, but you can buy them here.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I love those salt boxes! I usually get my mom a variety of different salts for Christmas each year and those boxes would be great for her.