Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Chalkboard Art

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Happy Tuesday!  Well, maybe not happy just yet.  Tuesdays are the hardest mornings of the week for me, since I have to be in at work even earlier than usual.  Like, before 7AM.  And since I hate anything associated with the word 'early', it's usually a bit of a struggle for me.  I'll be happy by 9.

Let's just say that Tuesday is typically a multi-coffee day.  

Anyway, after last month's subway art debacle, I knew that December's chalkboard could be summed up with the phrase 'simple or not at all'.  

So simple it was.  And it doesn't get much more simple than this!

Boom.  Oh Come All Ye Faithful lyrics in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Simpler than you may think, and gives a shout out to my absolute LOVE of Christmas hymns.  The 'Merry Christmas' at the bottom is slightly crooked, but I decided to just roll with it. 

I'm crazy like that.  Plus, I had other stuff to do.  

See ya tomorrow!  I have a super-fun project to show you!

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    1. Most Christmas music annoys me....but hymns, I love! And Michael Buble....