Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favs 39

Happy Friday!  Cheers to a three day weekend (hopefully you're enjoying one too)!

Every year, I swear that I'll do something to make our patio and front poor look more pulled together and inviting.  For the cookouts and gatherings I'll undoubtedly be throwing, I tell myself.  But really it's for me and Mr. M. to sit outside and watch our birds at the bird feeder, which is usually the most action that our patio sees.    Regardless of my reasons,  and despite my best intentions.... each year I fail to bring any sort of design to our outdoor spaces. 

It's not that our outdoor spaces are terrible.  They're not.  But they look sort of haphazard and unintentional...which is exactly what they are.  I don't know what I want to do out there, so I don't do much of anything other than set up my hand-me-down outdoor furniture, throw some plants in a pot and call it a day. 

Ok, so that's not completely accurate.  I do know what I want to do to our outdoor living areas, but  an expanded patio with an area for a pergola,  in-ground pool, and outdoor kitchen and fireplace just aren't happening right now.  Or probably ever. 

So in honor of my ongoing, yet unfulfilled longing for a chic outdoor space, here are some of my favorite (realistic) patio decor inspirations.

Fav #1
Interesting furniture, love all of the greenery.

Fav #2
Love the coastal vibe, and especially the whisky barrel coffee table.

Fav #3
Colorful pillows draw me in every time.  Plus, that table and those chairs are awesome.

Fav #4
I'm digging the centerpiece here, as well as the updated wicker.

Fav #5
Pops of color.  Need I say more?!

Over the next few months, I'll be looking for ways to bring these inspirations into our outdoor decor.  New furniture is just not on the agenda this year, so my challenge is to work with what I have.  Hope I'm up for it!

What do you do to get your outdoor areas ready for spring?!

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  1. All gorgeous inspirations, I can't wait to start cleaning up our patio and setting up our outdoor stuff!

    1. Thanks Vel! I know, I can't wait either! Summer will be here before we know it!