Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shopping Recap: Summer Clearance

There hasn't been much sunshine around here this week, so it seemed like the perfect time to take a day away from my summer job of getting an amazing tan and spend a day searching out some deals. (Have I mentioned that I have summers off from work?  It's fabulous!)  It seems like all of the stores start to dump their summer merchandise around the 4th of July, so off I went looking for some deals to call my own. 

And find them I did!!  This is not a fashion blog, so I won't go too far into the clothes that I found.  But I WILL tell you that I bought three sweaters at JC Penny (left over from last winter, I guess) that were $1.97.  One dollar and ninety-seven cents, people! Would I have paid full price for them?  No.  But, are they cozy, cute and perfect for pairing with leggings and boots to run around town this fall/winter?  Absolutely!  I also got an emerald green blazer for less than 20 bucks.  Amazing.

Before we get on to the stuff that I actually bought, and while we are still on the topic of JC Penny, has anyone checked out their home store lately?!  Traditionally the merchandise they stock in their home department is not really my thing.  Traditional styles, muted colors....just not really my style.  However, they must have re-vamped their approach to home décor, because I found some awesome stuff this time around!!  I actually didn't buy anything because I was in search of deals, and this must all be new merchandise, which equals no sales.  But there are definitely some things that I'll be keeping my eye on!

I love this watercolor pillow.  They also had some in red/pink tones, and in a smaller, more rectangular shape. 

They also had a whole section of the store dedicated to Jonathan Adler designed home décor items called Happy Chic.  I found a lot that I loved, but did not find anything that was the right fit for my needs right now.  Here are some of my favs.

Then it was on to Target, and let me tell you, there were some DEALS to be found!  You should go people, because there is no way these deals are going to last.  I'm not kidding.  Read the rest of this post and GO NOW!  You'll thank me!

Everyone knows the end caps of the aisles are the places to find the deals in Target. So naturally, that is where I found the mother load of Nate Berkus collection clearance items. 

As you can see, these copper-dipped vases were $2.98 each.  What?!

I also found this amazing gold chevron box for only $3.88.  Gold. Chevron. Natural wood. Need I say more?  I had actually eyed up this box when it was full-price.  I'm so glad I waited!  Maybe I should have bought two?

There was also this Nate Berkus gold, riveted lamp base that was marked below $15.  I debated getting it, but wasn't sure that I would be able to find a shade for it, so I held off.  I looked at it again online and found that has it listed for $42.48 (originally $49.99).  Now I'm sort of regretting that I didn't buy! 

Last, but certainly not least, in the amazing deals department was Target's outdoor and patio section.  There were some amazing finds here, and I found this chartreuse lantern for only $4.48.  They also had other colors (turquoise, hot pink, orange) and shapes on clearance as well as flameless candles that would look perfect inside any of the clearance lanterns. 

Finally, it was home to figure out how to incorporate these amazing finds into our home.  The copper and gold accents were a natural fit on the shelves in our family room.

I really debated about where to use the chartreuse lantern.  Part of me wanted to use it on the patio or the front porch, but I knew that it would also look good in our dining room, which filled with grey, black, white, and chartreuse (I'll show it to you eventually, I promise!).  In the end, the dining room won out, and I used the lantern as fun way to store and display some of my ever-accumulating wine corks. 

Now go out and find some summer clearance sales!  Just be sure to come back here and share with me what you find.  Someone needs to snatch up that sub-$15 gold lamp base.  I'll feel much better about passing on it if one of you could bring it home.

Where have you found amazing summer clearance sales?  I could be pretty easily convinced to make another trip if you share some good tips!

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