Thursday, July 25, 2013

Put a Cork In It

I love a cork project.  As a wine lover, I accumulate a small moderate large number of corks and am excited when I can find a use for them.  They have a natural feel, plenty of uses, and are free. Sign me up! 

Here are some of my favorites from the many cork projects that I have pinned:

You know I love a new wreath!

We're really into watching the birds in our yard (hip, I know!).  Wouldn't this be such a cute little home for a bird family?

I have dreams of making this happen in the buffet area of our dining room.

I think this looks easy!  And it would be cute on our kitchen counter...

And this one is just so cool.

So when I wanted a centerpiece for our kitchen table, I was excited to be able to incorporate some of my wine corks into the project!

All it took was a clear vase leftover from our wedding reception, six allium stems, and some wine corks.  I cut the allium stems to varying lengths, arranged the flowers so the colors were spread out, and used the corks as filler.  The whole process took about ten minutes, and I love the casual feel it offers in our casual dining space.

What have you created with YOUR wine corks?

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