Thursday, March 27, 2014

Put A Fork in It...

Hey guys!  

Last week I asked for some input on styling my console table...

... and boy did you guys have a lot of input to give!  Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with me!

Since so many of you were kind enough to share your thoughts with me, I wanted to share my final product with you :) final product for now.  You know how I like to switch things up!

One recurring comment was that my initial options had too many items on the table, so I pared it down for the final version.  

I went with the vase full of calla lillies because I like how it's height brings the table and the mirror above it together.

And I had to keep the basket, because I love the functionality of being able to stash my junk mail in there rather than on the kitchen island....which is where it piles up during the work week if I don't have a dedicated place to store it.  

And the other items made the cut for the pops of color they brought to the area.  Some of you asked where I bought some of these items, but unfortunately most of it is stuff that I've had for years.  The black and white frames are from Target (years ago), and the lime green vase was from TJ Maxx (also years ago).  The small white candle holder is relatively new (Marshall's), and I stuffed it with some green moss to bring another hit of color.  

Speaking of color....these pics really reaffirm my desire to paint the inside of our front door black.  Any thoughts??  

Hope you like the final product!

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  1. Go for the black door love that idea dear

    1. I'm working on convincing Mr. M. that it's necessary!!

  2. Yes on the black doors! I did two of mine and love them so much!!