Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday Favs 34

Happy Friday!  Wow, turning the clocks back last weekend really did a number on me....I needed even more coffee than usual this week. 

While working on an upcoming post this week, I noticed that I have an awful lot of white ceramic decor items.  Vases, candle holders, animal figures...I seem to gravitate toward white ceramic.  I think I love it because it brightens up any room of our house, and I can move around as much as I like to keep things feeling fresh.

So with that in mind, I went in search of some of great white items out there right now....and I found a lot of new favorites to love!!

Fav #1
This great boot umbrella stand from Z Gallerie. Oh, how I would love to buy this for our entryway!  So cute.  Buy it here.

Fav #2
This ceramic berry box colander at Crate & Barrel.  I love how these transition from fridge to table so easily, and with the summer months coming, these would be perfect for the abundance of fruit that always makes its way into our fridge.  I've seen these at much higher prices elsewhere, but these are only $4.95.  Love that!  

Fav #3
West Elm's new white ceramic animal planters.  These are calling my name!  I can see them on my bookshelves with succulents, or even as cute little tea light holders. 

Fav #4
Wouldn't this white ceramic seashell be a great summer update!  I'm so looking forward to bringing in warm weather colors and decor, and this would be perfect!  Find it here.

Fav #5
This white ceramic cookie jar currently on sale at Target.  Although I would probably use it to store cotton balls or something in the bathroom, I love the texture and the copper lid!  Find it here.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I think we should do away with this clock nonsense and split the difference at 30 minutes.

    I love that berry colander! I think I may be ordering a few for myself!

    1. Ditching the time change would definitely get my vote! I know, isn't the berry bowl the cutest?!

  2. I must have those boots! Awesome!!

  3. I love them too! My husband said they're creepy....and they are kind of they won't be making an appearance here. I hope you get them, though!