Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pretty Pretty Please??

Hey guys!  

I have a huge favor to ask you.  OK, well, it's not that big.....I don't need to borrow money...I'm not in need of a kidney...I don't need you to pry the dead bird from the front grill of my car because it dived bombed me on the way to work (although I DID need to ask someone to do that for me once).

But I do need your help!

The girls over at East Coast Creative are hosting Creating With the Stars, which is an super-exciting contest that pairs a rock-star-status DIY Blogger, with a contestant in order to mentor them as they compete to create amazing  DIY projects.  Twelve contestants will be chosen to compete, and four weeks of competition will lead to one ultimate winner. The prizes are amazing, but getting the experience and exposure of competing would do amazing things for this girl (and this blog)!

Oh, and the Blog Stars lineup is freaking amazing. Check it out!

Can you imagine getting to work with one of these talented bloggers?!!  I would die.  In the good way.

So what do I need from you?  Well.....one factor that will be used to determine the contestants is the amount of traffic they receive during the contest entry link-up.  So if you could just click here, scroll down through all the entries, and visit my entry in the link up, you would be helping to increase my traffic, and therefore my chances of getting noticed.  

My entry is #182. 
If you've been around here for awhile, you will remember my plate wall tutorial.  If you're new...check it out (please, please, please using the link up to do so!!)

The contestants are being chosen through March 16th, so feel free to stop by as many times as you want until then to help boost my numbers!  In order for a tiny, baby blog like House in the Heights to get noticed, I need some major help.  Even then, it's a huge long shot...but I'm willing to play the underdog.  So click and share away in order to help make it happen!

What's in it for you, you ask? Plenty!

 The girls at East Coast Creative are teaming up with Apple Vacations to offer a 4-night all inclusive vaca to the Domincan Republic for one lucky winner.  You don't have to enter Creating With the Stars to enter to win the trip----this contest is for everybody!! You can enter multiple times, in multiples ways and can earn a new entry every single day through April 16th.  So, click over to the Creating With the Stars Link Up page to click on my entry #182 and enter to win a fabulous trip for yourself!

Thank you so much in advance!  Just entering such a cool contest is so exciting for me....I can't imagine my excitement if I were actually chosen.

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