Monday, November 9, 2015

Notorious F.I.G. *An update*

And....suddenly it's Monday. I hope your weekend was as fantastic as ours!  The big news was that baby boy rolled over just 3 days shy of his four-month birthday.  It was pretty much the most exciting moment ever!
It's a weird thing, this motherhood.  Suddenly the bar for feeling pride is set super low, and you find yourself being proud of all. the. things. 
Things I've told the babes I was proud of them for:
-Rolling over (obvi)
-Being quiet in public
-Finishing their bottle
-Spitting up all over me (because I had just told the other one I was proud of them for something real, and I didn't want anyone feeling left out...)
And speaking of being proud... you may remember back to about 18 months ago, when I introduced you my fiddle leaf fig, Notorious F.I.G.
Fiddle leaf figs are hard to care for, they said.  It'll be dead in a few months, they said.
Who are 'they', you ask?  Well...the voices in my head inspired by all that I had read about these plants, and my history of being a houseplant failure.
Well....look at Figgy now!
He gets plenty of sunlight by those big windows, and basically all I do is remember to water him once a week or so.  I just pour a big drinking cup full of water on the soil each time.  If I forget, I'll notice that they bottom leaves start to turn brown (I've pulled a few off that didn't look good), but so far I've never forgotten so long that it caused major damage.
I'm thinking that it might be time to give him some plant food and start trimming the lower leaves, in order to shape him more like those in my inspiration pictures.  But I'll probably wait until spring, since I always worry that the winter chill from the windows will be stressful. 
I can't believe I've kept him alive this long, and that it was so easy!  Like I said, it doesn't take much to make me proud nowadays ;)
Want a Figgy of your very own?  Here's where I got mine.
Have a great day!

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