Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY Mobile

One of my favorite parts of waiting for the babies to come was designing the nursery.  I had dreamed about it for years (I shared some of those dreams here), and one thing I knew for sure what that I wanted to DIY a mobile. 
As it turned out,  I needed to DIY two mobiles. :)
There are so many great DIY mobile inspirations out there, but my favs are the paint chip mobiles and I knew that was the direction I wanted to go in!
I can't take any credit for figuring out how to DIY these mobiles, though.  I totally adapted Merely Mothers DIY Better-Than-Pain-Chip Mobile to meet my needs, so I'll let you click on over there to read their tutorial. It's so simple! The only changes that I made were to use different colors, and to string my circles on fishing line instead of thread. 
I would recommend securing the strands of circles to the embroidery hoop with a dot of hot glue (in addition to merely tying them on), something I've had to go back and do after having two strands fall off. 
The supplies for two mobiles cost me about $15, which I thought was pretty good considering that I've seen similar mobiles listed anywhere from $30-70 on Etsy. The circle punch was the most expensive item on my list, but I got that for less than 10 bucks with a coupon.
Supplies Needed (for each mobile)
 12 inch embroidery hoop
7 inch embroidery hoop
4 sheets of cardstock for each color on mobile (16 sheets total)
2 inch circle punch
fishing line (I already had some)
white thread (I used some we had on hand)
keyring (I stole one out of our junk drawer)
Visit Merely Mothers for the instructions and to see their gorgeous mobile!
The babies just love to gaze at them!
I'm working on a full-on nursery post, but I hope you liked this sneak peek in the meantime!


  1. Very cute! My cats would demolish those! How long did it take to make?

    1. If your cats could reach these mobiles, they really would be in the cat Olympics! All together, it probably took about 2 hours....and 4 months. I procrastinated on making the second one FOREVER!