Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gilded Seashells

I totally forgot that I had these sand dollars hanging out in my decor closet!  I bought them on clearance last fall, and was tempted to use my fav liquid gold leaf (of course) on them immediately. But I held off so long that I forgot about them!

I love when I find a surprise in the decor closet. 
Is is shameful that I don't always remember what I put in there?  Is it even more shameful that I feel compelled to liquid gold leaf EVERYTHING?!

Creating these cute sand dollars couldn't have been easier.  I used painter's tape to create sharp, crisp lines on two of them, and free-handed the rest with a craft brush.

I do have an idea for making these babies into something even more special, but for now they are jazzing our coffee table.

Can't wait to show you what they turn into!

 photo signature_zps64b784cd.jpg


  1. Did you see the Threshold brass dollar I have in my coffee table? They were a steal too Emily, but I love how you oomph-ed this one up!

    1. Vel!! I hadn't seen yours, but I just went an checked it out and it is awesome!!! Hmm...May have to swing by Target soon!