Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Before I begin, let's start with the obvious...

You guys-- (if there are any of you left out there)....I haven't posted anything in a YEAR.  365 days on the nose. 

365 opportunities. Failed on every one of them. Awesome.

I never meant to let a year go by without posting.  And I certainly didn't plan on my last post being one about some random app that really has nothing to do with what this blog is all about.  Life just got kind of crazy, and somehow 12 months went by without having much more than a passing thought about writing, followed by absolutely no action to ever make it happen. 
Basically, this was me for a whole year.
But lately...I've been feeling compelled to finish what I started.  I'm not sure what that means yet.  It might be a return to semi-regular posts about house progress, Friday favs, the occasional project, and life in general....or it may mean finding a way to wrap up this story of our home and give this blog some closure. 
So we'll see what this little comeback brings. But for now...I bet you're wondering what went down that resulted in a freakin' year going by without a single word.  And I'll tell you...
....in tomorrow's post. 
 I promise there will be one.
No really, I swear.
 And if you can't wait, you can always stalk me on Instagram ;)



  1. WELCOME BACK TO THE BLOGOSPHERE EMILY!!! :) Boy was I excited to see your current post was something other than AppCrack Overdrive hahaha.

  2. Oh, and not that my opinion means anything, but I would love if you started posting regularly again. :)

    1. Of course your opinion means a lot! At the very least, I'm going to post what's gone down this year, and how our house has evolved. Beyond that...we'll see ;)